Monday, June 30, 2008

He's Engaged!!

My cousin Adam is officially Engaged now!! So cool! He and Krista met, dated, he served a Mission to France... he came home. Everything was great then, she decided to follow Adam's footsteps and serve a mission too!! Yes, it must be true love... Adam waited!! Boy talk about a test of love and patience! Well, Adam brought her over to met the family this weekend with all his family too!! It was so awesome! Krista is so cool! The girls feel in love with her, and she played "Ring around the rosies" and "Red Rover" with the kiddos! Of course, so did Uncle Pepper!! They just seem to be the perfect couple! I'm so happy for them! I believe bells will be ringing in mid November! Hopefully a trip to CA will be in the future! Welcome to the family Krista we love ya!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sobbin' Women?!!

Isn't she so cute??!!

Jaeden had a wonderful opportunity to try out for a play this spring and she loved it! "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!!" It was SO wonderful and fun! She worked so hard and had many late nights, and never complained about any of it! We were so very proud of her trying something new! It was AMAZING... look out we think a STAR is born!! Way to go Mo!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Not hiding Talents..

My Grandma growing up had a black grand
piano in her home. When her father was called on a mission to the Navajo Reservation, many great men would come from SLC church headquarters to visit him. Including President Grant! Yes, the Prophet! While he would visit, he would sing and play the piano with my grandma! You can imagine the stories she has to share. Years later her dad got rid of the piano so his children wouldn't fight over it. My friend Kim was gracious enough to share her piano and her talents and help take some photos of my Grandma once again behind that wonderful "Black Grand Piano". I brought a picture of my grandpa to place on the piano to be in the picture for fun... what we found was her reflection next to his photo! It was an amazing experience. I could listen to my Grandma play the piano for hours. Her Testimony lives in her talent and on those keys! I'm so grateful to be blessed with her as my Grandmother!