Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phone Issues!

Okay, for those of you who don't know my Payton, she is addicted to the phone. Yes, I said the phone and I know she is six! Scary actually! Well today I called home and she answered it she knew it was me so I asked her if I could talk to dad. She replied, "Um, I'll have to have him call you back cuz I'm talking on the other line". I love you mom and click... Yes, my daughter hung up on me!! When I asked her why she said "Well, I was talking to BROOKLYN"! Like, hello is there really a need to explain?!

I admit it's taking some getting used to but I LOVE having such a *girly* girl for a daughter! She is so good for her tom-boy of a mom! Thanks for the laugh today Pay! I love you!!

I guess it all that pretend phone I used to do when she was little. I used to take her foot and "rotary" style dial numbers on the bottom of her foot, then run my fingers top to bottom of her foot to tickle it while it *rang*. Then finally talk on my *PAY PHONE*. Payton would laugh the whole time. She amazed me at how much she enjoyed something so silly. Every once in awhile she'll ask me if I'll talk on the *pay phone*. I love it!! :0)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is also my Aunt Barbara's birthday! What a cool day huh? Thanks Gabe... no one will ever top that gift! Showoff!!

We love you Aunt Barbara!! Hope your day was wonderful!

Kaylie Jane is here!

This is her big brothers Kenton and Ty! (L to R)

Kaylie Jane is here! This is my new neice! Isn't she adorable!! I don't think that her brothers like her a bit either!! July 22nd 4:27 pm 6lb. 14 oz.!!! Congrats to you Gabe and Emily!! We love you tons! Great looking kiddos! Ty it's your job dude to kiss her lots until I can see her!! Kenton hug her tons for me too!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Katie's Letter!

Anyone who can tell me how to upload a file from a pdf file please help me!!


Monday, July 14, 2008

Because Nice Matters 2!!

Okay, so I've been trying to teach my kids just to do things "Because Nice Matters!" Not too soon does this beautiful smiling face do the job! Sunday she comes to Sunbeams (the best class of all!) and brings me a letter! I wish I wasn't having trouble loading it... I'll post it soon! It's the best letter I've ever received.. (sorry babe!) It says.. and I'm not changing anything.

Dear Sister Jackson,
I love you so much. Thank you for all the treats and stuff. Thank you for all the suckers. Thank you for our new class we switched to. You're the beatifulest and I love you so much and much. Thank you for being a nice teacher. I'll draw a picture for you. And thank you for learning about Jesus and scriptures. I will invite you to my birthday. Thank you for switching classes.


Is this not the sweetest letter ever!!?? My point exactly to my kiddos! Katie wrote this "just beacuse nice matters!" Your timing is perfect Katie and you are such a JOY to have in class!
I love you Katie! Thanks for being a great example!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lessons on Nice!

Okay.. so I've been really working with my kids lately on being NICE! Don't know if it's just my house or what but, this year seems extra cranky! So, I've been trying to have my kids do things "just because" and see if it doesn't make them happier. Sometimes you just do things for no reason and for nothing in return! Ya know, like serving your fellow man!? It's a work in progress but, I think it's catching on. Hopefully... If I'm bald at church you'll know it's no longer working and I've pulled out all my hair!! :0)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Because Nice Matters!

Payton's Kindergarten friend has been out of town for FIVE whole days!! Can you imagine the misery??!! It's been countdown till Brooklyn gets home just like for Christmas!!!

We posted it on her garage this evening and within two hours the phone rang and she was back!!! The color was back in Payton face, and the spring in her step had returned!!! Forty-five, yes 45 minutes later their webkinz had reacquainted, "rock, paper, scissors," had rematched with a COMPLETE rundown of the last FIVE days occurred. Oh yeah, and at warp speed!! I could barely keep up with my half of the conversation. Did the other half exist?? Do GIRLY, GIRLS breathe with gills when they talk on the phone?? I nearly passed out!! I'm so glad they LOVE each other though! It's really cute!

If you zoom in on the picture you can see that the center of the flowers had glitter on them!! Like for DUH!! That was added after her original response was.. "Yeah it looks okay, but it really could use a little something more!!??" followed by "I know you're trying Mom, thanks"!!! (pat, pat, on the back)!!

Now, here's the question. Am I supposed to laugh? Or, more likely start to feel bad for myself because my SIX year old realizes my complete lack of artistic abilities but will "BLING" a flower!!?? I didn't think it was all so bad... those were handmade, Smurfette flowers... maybe??!! Can't you see it?? Help me now for my future in 10 years!!!