Saturday, November 8, 2008

Who wears SHORT what?

Jaeden's hair is usually braided one way or another everyday for school. With
recess and P.E. and it still being warm outside it's just easier this way.
But, this is usually how she comes home too. Not so cute, but still adorable!
Notice how THICK each braid is though? I know, this girl has rediculously
THICK hair which is really hard for her at 7, to manage herself. So, she has been BEGGING
me to cut it. I've been hesitant because in six weks she'll be getting Baptized and it will be
so easy to do for her dad to have it in braids especially considering the amount to deal with.
My arguement wasn't winning. Dad, voted to let her cut it so...
Tonight we cut it!!

We unbraided......
We straightened.......

and then we CUT, and CUT, and CUT.....

and then we THINNED, and THINNED, and THINNED....

and then, the STACKING began!!!

I added some side layers to blend it together...

After a shower and a styling, I think she likes it!!!

I must say it's really ALOT easier on the both of us and she still is
STINKIN cute!!! Gotta love her hair!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Please watch and Vote!


I'm not sure everyone realizes the importance of things at stake this election. Please watch this video! Then GO and VOTE tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing Trish!!