Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just Chillin with the Cousins!!!

These are some photo's of all the "Power" side cousins!! 8 kids 11 and under!! Can you say FUN!! Emily's brother went through the Temple and we got to spend the morning chasing bugs and cousins!! It was a BLAST!! Even more the kids LOVED it!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Loss of Family...

Keith Martin Shumway

This morning I received a call from my mom that I had lost a cousin to a airplane crash last night. It seems like forever since I've seen this cousin. Probably 15 years? Rather sad. He has the coolest family. It bothers me the most to read so much about him from the words that so many had to say about him and some things I didn't get a chance to experience for myself. I'm snagging this off my cousins blog so you get to see what an amazing young 26 year old he was and is.

I'm so grateful for Forever Families!
To read and learn more go here

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Porter's Birthday!

My Dad, Jill, Katie, and David came over for cake and ice cream! This was the one picture I got!! Great job huh! I know, slowly I'm getting used to taking LOTS of pictures!! We LOVE having family over! Thanks for coming!

Porter's 5!!

Porter turns 5 today!!! I can't believe it! Porter you are an amazing boy with SO much energy and determination. You can be a firecracker and a loving and nurtering boy. You can always tell when I need a hug or a kiss and I love that about you! Thanks for picking me to be your mom! I love you little man! Keep being you! You are AMAZING!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic FHE

Well, with the Olympics this year I thought it would be really fun to do our own version of them for Family Home Evening. Especially since we practically have our own team of everything and somethings! Opening Ceremonies were 8-8-08, Friday night and the kids really loved wathing them as much as I did. Seeing all the fun costumes, dances and performances really was fun. So, I called our cousins and we planned to do our own events for Monday night at the park. It was alot of fun! We played kick ball, jump rope contests, water balloon toss, dart guns, monkey bars, 50 yd. dash, and just a lot of fun. Everybody won a gold medal and a brownie and a rootbeer float!! It was awesome! Thank Jared and Becky for a GREAT night!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

First Day of School...

Connor is in 6th Grade! I won't stand next to him. Yes, he's nearly my height! Chandler is in 4th, Jaeden is in 2nd. *It must be the Perkins height... she has two shorty's for parents! Payton's in 1st and Porter is in Kindergarten! I know, no individual photos of the BIG kids. After "group" shots the were saying let's go all ready!! Boy's wanting to socialize? Weird! Can't complain at least they weren't going to be late!

First Day of School...

Today was the first day of school for FIVE of my kids! FIVE?! Crazy I know! After I dropped them all off, I asked Carson what he wanted to do today. He said have a picnic, read stories and take a nap!! Great thinking kiddo!! Maybe this one kid at home wouldn't be so bad after all!