Monday, November 3, 2008

Please watch and Vote!


I'm not sure everyone realizes the importance of things at stake this election. Please watch this video! Then GO and VOTE tomorrow!! Thanks for sharing Trish!!



Hey Jana Banana! You tell Homer that he is beloved by his little Bart Man. Your kids are good looking little monkies. It was good to see Gabe's new little girl on your blog...he hasn't sent me pictures yet. guys got me hooked on Guitar Hero! I am a professional now.


ecuakim said...

Jana! You must have been wondering why I never commented on your blog! It's sooooooo weird; I would check it and there weren't ever any new posts. I swear last week when I checked it, the only posts that showed up were from August! I wonder if other people had that problem seeing your new posts???? Anyway, it was crazy but now I am caught up reading about all your adventures! SO FUN! Looking forward to reading some more! Love ya!