Monday, September 29, 2008

I Pledge....

Today Payton got to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance. She brought home a note last week that said that she was picked and to help her practice speaking loud and clear. She really took it to heart and practiced every day! *(Even in the mirror, just for appearance sake!)

Carson was so sweet to give her a hug to be BRAVE!!!

Here's our AWESOME Principal after just checking on the girls to see how they
were doing on their morning! Not a long stop, they were doing GREAT!!
She was so calm, not a bit nervous at all!

Just before she began she was suposed to say"Ready, begin." However, I didn't
know that she had pipes and a cheerleader voice prepared!? It was hilarious and
amazing all at the same time! What you can't see is that her other hand was tucked
behind her back as well too! Where did she pick this all up from??!! Way to go
Pay! I was really proud of her! She did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!
I guess ALL that practicing really PAYed off!!

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Gabe and Emily said...

Way to go Payton! Looks like you did awesome, we are very proud of you.
Hey Sam why do your newer posts sometimes pop-up in between ones that were already posted?