Saturday, September 6, 2008

Utah here we Come!

This view was worth the 6730 ft. climb!!
Handsome Kenton!!

Miss Pay!*

Poor Carson, the caves were so cold his nose ran and froze!! I know gross but, funny!!

Lions, and Tigers... nope just COLD!!

My Brother always the nut! That's why I love him!! He looks the same from HS too?! Who does that?! Turkey!

Kenton and Carson knew how to hike this mountain and take in the views!! :0)

Don't you just love how Payton is dressed for the hike?? She cracks me up!

My Brother Gabe blessed his adorable daughter Kaylie over Labor Day weekend so we drove up for the event! Minus the 24 hours in the Suburban, road construction, and the forever question "Are we there yet?" It was a great time! It was so much fun to watch all the cousins play together! They all got along so well it was great! We went on a hike that Gabe had planned to Timpanogas Caves! They were awesome! Connor and Chandler thought they were really cool and the whole Science factor was totally worth it. Poor little Carson's legs were so tired! It was a long walk for him. He caught a ride some of the time but, overall he did great!


Gabe and Emily said...

You got some great shots. That was so fun, and it's even more fun to see pics that I don't have of the hike, etc. Love you guys! Thanks again for making the trip!

Jen S. said...

We went up to Utah for a baby blessing over Labor Day weekend, too! We hiked Sundance instead of Timpanogos, and spent time at BYU and in SLC. Wouldn't that have been crazy if we had seen each other?!