Monday, September 22, 2008

It's your Birthday!!!

Today is Brandon's BIG 35!!! I love ya babe for everything that you do!! You are amazing! Thank you for being an incredible husband and father to our 6 kiddos! They look up to you and love being with you! I love you and love being with you! Happy Birthday Babe!!!


Christine said...

Wow, 35! Man you are O L D! Just kidding! Happy Birthday!

Melvin and Carly said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Love the new family picture!

jaceerandamber said...

Jana it's Amber I saw you from Julie's blog wow you look awesome and you family looks great man they are all getting so big I hate that they don't stay little long Caden is going to be 14 in December and that is so hard for me to believe!

Debby said...

Hi Jana. I WOULD LOVE to see photos of you and Jacob dancing!! (I wasn't sure where to post that comment, so here I am!)

What a great family photo.

Happy belated birthday Brandon.

Nikki said...

Yes you updated. Happy Birthday....You are a sweet wife.